Bobrisky Admits to Being Gay, Deals with Men with Private Jets -

Bobrisky Admits to Being Gay, Deals with Men with Private Jets

Infamous cross dresser, Bobrisky seems to have admitted to his homosexuality in a series of posts across his social media accounts.

The bleaching expert, who declared that he is not missing Nigerian considering the fun he is having in the US, said on his Instagram page.

“I am beautiful, don’t know y i am not missing Nigeria at all. i just dey fine everyday. fine girl”.

In yet another revelation, the male barbie announced that he deals with private jet owners, not some broke n***** but men with big D and money.

He shared the video with the caption,

“Hmmm am going on a date night with a new friend…..I don’t mingle with some dirty broke n***** cos na only f*** dem sabi. I deal with private jet owner not car ? owners. Bobrisky has passed those stage am now beautiful and expensive . #beautyday”

Bobrisky, who is having a social media spat with Tunde Endut’ thanked his unknown ‘bae’ for ‘changing’ his life despite the hate from his non-fans.

“Chai I’m just way too pretty ?????. Thank you my BAE for changing my life ?????????? I love u so much. Despite all d hate u still stand strong behind me. I love u”

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