Bobrisky flies back to Nigeria without getting his a** surgery done -

Bobrisky flies back to Nigeria without getting his a** surgery done

Bobrisky and his old b*** are coming back to Nigeria after a long sojourn in the United States, the SnapChat star announced this on his social media today.

Addressing fans, the socialite revealed that he is flying first-class back home, as the rich folk that he is, and added that he will be preparing a tasty dish for the security personnel, who he has greatly missed.

But, what about his b***? Some fans may want to ask.

Recall that in June, Bobrisky revealed that he plunged some incredulous amount to get his b*** enlarged in Beverly Hills, California, a surgery he said would be performed by the famous plastic surgeon, Dr Tarick K. Smiley.

The average cost of that procedure is $7000 and Bobrisky revealed he already made part payment for it. However, it turns out he was afraid of going under the knife.

“Imagine adding a little more flesh in that a**,” he wrote, and added, “I’m scared and I don deposit half the money.”

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So, did he ask for a refund? The socialite had been traipsing cities in the United States since that announcement, and he absolutely would not sit for hours on a plane if he just underwent the procedure; he would need time to heal.

Well, he is coming back home now with his old b*** and will be snatching weaves from haters who have refused to let him drink water and keep his cup.


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