DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM: Fetty Wap - Zoovier -

DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM: Fetty Wap – Zoovier


01. DOWNLOAD My Wrist



02. DOWNLOAD To The Moon (Feat. Monty)



  03. DOWNLOAD Shit I Like (Feat. Monty)  



 04. DOWNLOAD Shorty   05. Instant Friends (Feat. Monty)



06. DOWNLOAD Priceless (Feat. Khaos)



07. DOWNLOAD Dont Love Me (Feat. Monty)



08. DOWNLOAD Hate You



09. DOWNLOAD She Know (Feat. J. Porshea)



10. DOWNLOAD Island Boyz (Feat. Drebo & Monty)



  11. DOWNLOAD Gucci (Feat. Trouble)



12. DOWNLOAD We The Shit (Feat. Monty)



13. DOWNLOAD Strappped Up Shawty (Feat. Bricc Baby)



14. DOWNLOAD Island On my Chain



15. DOWNLOAD King Zoo (Feat. 21 Savage)



  16. DOWNLOAD Friends (Feat. Juugman & 4k Tayy)  



17. DOWNLOAD Bad Lil Bitch (Feat. Lil Joe)



18. DOWNLOAD Blue Band Weirdo

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 19. DOWNLOAD Late Night Jawn



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