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[GIST]: Funny Church Names

It’s so hard to decide on which church to attend these days because there are churches every where. Am sure if you really check around you would find about 6 different churches in your street.

The most  amazing part to this are the kind of names they bare. I was taking a walk and noticed some really strange and funny names of churches. Most of them sounded ridiculous and hard to believe 
Here are some;

“Thunder fire satan international ministry”

“Who stole my weeding gown international church”

“Satan pack your load and go 

“It is finished international church”

“Hell shall die agape church”

“Twelve disciples ministry”

“Anointing must break York evangelism”

“Dulge Satan and go to heaven international church”

WOW!.. Loll. Ok so maybe most people would, but would you go to either of these churches if you were invited?.


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