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[GIST]: Your Attitude Is Everything

Your attitude today determines your success tomorrow. Your attitude is usually one of the first thing people notice about you. You may not be able to change your height or your body type but you can change your attitude.

Every one of us has the power to Choose a positive attitude over a negative one you just have to work at it. Each of the following steps focuse on fundamental principles of self development and personal growth
 1. Understand The Power Of ATTITUDE: 
your attitude is a very powerful tool for positive action. It’s inherently interwoven into everything you do. It’s your most priceless possession. The good news is you do not have to buy it you just have to develop it. To develope  an attitude that helps you live life to its fullest, as you were designed to do, you must first understand that the heart is the control center for your attitude. Your attitude is nothing but an outward reflection of what resides on the inside.to change your attitude you must change your heart.
2. Control what you hear, see and say:
The most powerful computer in the world is the human computer, our programming comes from what we see, hear or say which goes directly into our hearts frequently having a profound effect on our state of mind, sense of well being and you guessed it… Our attitude.
3.Our Attitude Affects Everything We Do;
When you are faced with a difficult situation or challenge, focus on staying positive, Remember that your setbacks can be setup for even greater opportunities. Tap into the power of a positive attitude and stay in the game by playing with your NBA: Natural  Born Abilities and always try to be an optimist  (people with positive attitudes) than pessimistic ( people with negative attitude)
4. Your attitude reflects on you; 
Your attitude determines the way other people describe you. Am sure you’ve met some individuals that seem to carry dark clouds over thier heads. We generally avoid interacting with them because of their negative approach to life.
5.Your attitude at work Could make a difference.
If you have a positive attitude at your work place and there is an opening for a promotion you would be likely picked over someone with a negative attitude.
6.Your attitude at home should be intact;
If you are a mother or a father and you carry negative attitude all day and back home To your family then it’s likely that the children in the house will come to blame themselves or even worst adopt the same attitude. Try not to miss any opportunity you have, always put on a positive attitude at home because you are your children’s role model’s, whatever you teach them is what they would learn.
7.Transform your attitude into action:
you can build a very powerful and strong attitude but it takes commitment and hard work, focus on handling stress, the less stress you feel, the more energy you’ll have to exercise those positive-thinking muscles. If your work is stressful look for ways to balance the time you spend at work with nonstressful leisure time.
8. Identify your negative/pessimistic thoughts;
 the moment you catch yourself thinking of pessimistic thoughts and doubting yourself, counter them with facts: time is limited. 
If you’re stressed by a conflict with a coworker, deal with the situation directly.
Attitude affects everything you do, both personally and professionally. Embrace your next attitude tune-up with a little checking and testing. Remember your attitude reflects on you, Resolving a problem will relieve your stress more quickly and effectively than just complaining about it. Even if you don’t actually reach a solution, moving toward a solution is still less stressful than ignoring it.


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