How to choose acoustic system? -

How to choose acoustic system?

For some people the way they hear the sounds is of great importance. That is why the process of choosing the sound system becomes a serious issue. In this article we will try to figure out how to choose quality acoustic system. Also, we have a tip for you where to buy superior electronics at the best prices. Buy it on Jiji! Jiji is one of the most popular Nigerian marketplaces. You will be definitely satisfied with the convenient service it provides. Only real people and only the best deals!
First of all, it is important to decide what exactly you need. It is clear that the sensitive music lover has requests of one kind, and a housewife other ones. In addition, you should adequately estimate the potential of your premise. Just agree, it is quite unwise to cram into a three-by-three-meter room huge concert speakers. It is also worth considering the brand.

Your speakers may be either single-lane, or multi-lane. If there are no special queries or you are completely devoid of musical ear, you can choose a single-lane system in which all the sounds will flow from a single speaker.
Although it is probably better to choose a two-lane system, where one speaker will play the sounds of low and medium frequencies and the other one of high frequency. If you have more demanding musical taste, it is worth a try to purchase a tree-lane audio system, which has individual speakers for low, mid and high frequencies.

Sensitivity and frequency of acoustics
The volume of the system depends on sensitivity measured in decibels. Their number shows the sound pressure level of your speakers on surrounding space. As you can imagine, the higher the sensitivity, the more powerful the sound is. The ordinary listener will be satisfied with the sensitivity of 85 decibels.

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Another important feature is the frequency of the sound system. We are able to hear the sounds in the range from 20 up to 20000 Hz. Low frequencies – from 20 to 150 Hz, mids – from 100 up to 7000 Hz, and higher frequencies – from 5000 to 20000 Hz.
If you need speakers only as an addition to home theater, it is enough for the frequency range from 100 up to 20000 Hz. For music lovers it is better to choose a system with a range from 20 up to 35000 Hz.

What to choose: active or passive acoustics?
When choosing a sound system it is important to know that virtually every speaker of active acoustics (i.e. each frequency lane) is enhanced by a separate amplifier. In addition, separating filters stand not at the outlet, but on the inlet of amps and they are also active. It gives a lot of advantages.
Firstly, active filter is easier to handle. Secondly, it provides better sound quality. Thirdly, the active speaker systems have a wider frequency range. And, the last one, active speakers are equipped with volume control that enhances convenience in operation.


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