I’m in my early 20’s and I have saggy bosoms like a 65-year-old — Oluchi Anne - NaijaKings.com

I’m in my early 20’s and I have saggy bosoms like a 65-year-old — Oluchi Anne

I’m in my early 20’s and I have saggy bosoms like a 65-year-old” — Oluchi Anne
Just so you know, my b****** didn’t start growing at the time I had anticipated. When I was in primary 5, my chest region was as flat as a new-born. There were no signs my b****** were going to grow. I didn’t even have a large nipple. Most of the girls in my class had well-rounded t*** sitting comfortably on their chest.

To make matters worse, there was a fat boy in my class who had b****** (probably because of his weight). I didn’t like him one bit as he had something I wasn’t able to have yet. I desperately wanted b****** as I believed having them would initiate me into a certain kind of womanhood cult every girl ought to belong to.

I decided to take matters into my hands so I asked for help from the expert. Toyosi was the girl with the biggest b**** in my class back then so I asked her how I was supposed to grow some and she gave me the ultimate breast enlarging solution.

She told me to apply palm oil on my nipples and find a black ant to bite me on the spot where I applied the palm oil. She explained the swelling will make them grow out and assured me of the efficacy of the remedy as she had gotten it from her mother. I couldn’t get the black ant I caught to bite me on my nipples. For whatsoever reason, the ant didn’t find me good enough to be bitten.

By the time I entered Jss2, I still had no b****** and my period had not even started. I gave up on my b****** dream and figured I would be the first woman without b****** and periods.

I had already accepted my fate and took my mind off the possibility that I would be a well-endowed busty girl. Just when I had given up hope, my b****** started coming out. The whole situation reaffirmed the fact that most times, we get that thing we desperately want when we stop obsessing over it.

My b****** came out but they didn’t come out the way I anticipated. They were small and pointed downwards. I grew up seeing women who had well-rounded b****** that pointed forward so I imagined that was how it would be for me.

Someone close to me says I have banana b******. My “b****” are saggy and small. They do not stand but point downwards. I hated my body for a long while and I wasn’t comfortable with my appearance. I kept trying all sorts of b****** enlarging and firming creams that just didn’t work.

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I have been told to avoid V-necked shirt so my b**** don’t show. I have been told to avoid taking pictures from the neck down. I have been told to hide my breast as they were unattractive. I have been told to wear bras to bed. I have been given all sorts of recommendations.

I did all I was told to do till I realized that nothing is going to change because this is just how I am. Every woman is different and our body parts come in different shapes and sizes. Just like some men have small p*nis and others have fairly big ones so do some women have different b****** sizes and shape.

This is not a cry for help. I do not need your home remedies for sagging b******. Neither do I need your b****** enlargement cream or your recommendation of the perfect surgeon. My sagging b*** isn’t as a result of the number of men I have slept with.

It also has nothing to do with the number of abortions I may or may not have had. Science is yet to prove the relationship between sagging b******, abortions and s**. Till science does, I am right to say my sagging b*** is a natural phenomenon.

I am comfortable with my body and there’s no shame in admitting how my body shape is. Self-love is very hard especially when we are being surrounded with altered images and edited content. Self-love is hard because the moment you try to be confident in your own body, you are shamed for it.

I have seen it all on Instagram. I have seen how people insult celebrities that dare display their sagging b****** or “show-off” their huge well-rounded t***. The other day, Laura Ikeji deactivated her comment section because people trolled her sales manager who wore a revealing cloth. In their words “how can she display her b****** that are not even standing?” Someone went further to say “they have sucked the life out of her b******”.

Self-love is hard but I am loving myself nonetheless. I am a 20-something year old with sagging b****. I will wear V-necked shirts, I will take pictures of my body how I like and no, I will not wear bras all the time because my b****** need to breathe!


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