Latest Between G-Worldwide & Kiss Daniel (Must Read) -

Latest Between G-Worldwide & Kiss Daniel (Must Read)


There has been a lot of misinformation in the media as to the background of Kiss Daniel’s
wrongful exit from G-Worldwide Entertainment. The management of G-Worldwide
Entertainment wishes to state it had never been its intention to seek legal redress, nor join
issues with an artiste who we fear is being given bad legal advice. However we feel it is
important that we set the records straight for the benefit of the general public and others
who are interested in knowing the truth.

Firstly, we would like to reiterate that our organization’s sole mission is to scout, develop
and promote artistes till the point where both partners become profitable and the artiste
can then decide to continue their creative journey as they deem fit. Contrary to widespread
insinuations (and though we love a good joke) we are not a slave camp and we have no
time whatsoever held any of the talents on our roster against their will.
The issue of restrictions on collaboration by our artistes is one which has been well flogged
and one we will address immediately.

Our management policy is unique in that we look for
innovative ways to position our artistes to build and own their own sounds and brands
before seeking to enter collaborations with artistes from other labels. To this end, we have
trained and developed our artistes in a way that ensures that their first albums are well
composed and delivered in way that gives them the platform to sell their art as strong
individual brands. This strategy is not without its results as is evidenced from Kiss Daniel’s
debut album “New Era” receiving much positive reviews and landing the 8th place on the
Billboard’s World Album Chart within a week of release.

The Nigerian music industry is very
competitive, and as such it is pertinent that players in the market develop unique strategies
to break in and remain relevant.

The New Era album of Kiss Daniel therefore only contained collaborative efforts with his
label mate Sugarboy. However, on the soon to be released album ‘Evolution’ by Kiss Daniel,
we have worked with other talents such as Phyno and Olamide. Sugarboy has also
collaborated with Y-Cee on a song due to be released in January 2018.

There have also been issues raised that the company has not made available its books of
accounts to Kiss Daniel, leading to him filing an action at the Lagos State High Court
seeking an order granting him access to the books of the company. Whilst our lawyers have
filed the necessary papers to strike out the suit, it is pertinent that we briefly note that at
no time have we denied the artiste or his lawyers access to our books. With the facts we
have, we believe that the suit was a ploy to misdirect the public away from his untimely and
unlawful exit from the company. The label has records of email correspondence with Kiss
Daniel where he and his representatives at different times requested for books of the
company and same were supplied to them.


All these have been placed before the court in response to the suit filed by the artiste at the Lagos State High Court. Until now they are yet to respond to papers filed challenging the competence of that suit. Sadly too, even though
Kiss complained about access, in another breath he has admitted the audits held between
his accountants and the label’s accountant.

Apart from the above, there have been rumors that Kiss Daniel was on a monthly stipend
of (NGN 50,000). Everyone knows that such amount of money cannot get a decent
apartment to live in Lagos. Kiss Daniel, contrary to that rumor, has received substantial
allowances over the last two and half years. Kiss Daniel was offered a 360 deal in 2013, and
the terms of his initial contract has been reviewed twice in his favor, whilst the company
has had to bankroll obligations relating to advertisements, promotions, music production,
videos, trips, wardrobe at different times, etc. Indeed, the company has been quite flexible
with our remuneration policies with the belief that he will be able to build a solid financial
base for himself.  For the avoidance of doubt the following are some details of how the
label catered for his financial needs as well as his personal welfare:

1. Contrary to rumors making the rounds that Kiss Daniel was only on a NGN 30,000 salary
since he joined the label up until after the release of Woju and Laye singles, this is nothing but
falsehood. Before the release of those singles in 2014, Kiss Daniel was put on a monthly allowance
of NGN 30,000 whilst he was still in his father’s house in Kuto, Abeokuta, medical allowance of NGN
150,000 and other unrecorded stipends whilst no revenue was being generated by him. This
remained the norm while the label invested in recording sessions, productions, transportation, and
other costs associated with developing him as an artist.

2. Loans of up to NGN 550,000 was given to him within 2 weeks of his signing onto the label
for him to get a car for his mom to start a Taxi business. There are documents to back this. In
addition following his request for financial support for his dad’s burial, G-Worldwide released the
sum of NGN 200,000 which was exactly what Kiss Daniel requested for. As recent as October 2017,
he again requested for a loan to run his account in order to acquire a house for himself under a
mortgage, to this end the company released NGN 13,000,000 (Thirteen Million Naira) to him
though the company was not obligated under the contract to do so.

3. As per the contract between Kiss Daniel and G-Worldwide, the label was meant to recoup
its investment before any royalty sharing was to commence; the only provision available for the
artiste was allowances and loans which was at the discretion of the label. In June 2015 following his
return from UK tour, the company amended the contract and immediately began the payment of
royalties as agreed and from that time till the wrongful termination of his contract, G-Worldwide
has paid Kiss Daniel the sum of NGN 117,233,318 (One Hundred and Seventeen Million, Two
Hundred Thirty Three Thousand and Three Hundred and Eighteen Naira) as royalties from
performances alone, he has also received money from other incomes to the sum of NGN
3,296,826.40 (Three Million, Two Hundred and Ninety Six Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty
Six Naira and forty kobo) for the financial record of 2016 as opposed to the false allegations made
by him and his lawyers (The company’s books of account support this) As it stands, Kiss Daniel
owes G-Worldwide Entertainment quite a large sum of money for the financial year due to end in

4. Following the signing of the contract in 2013, Kiss Daniel moved into an apartment
furnished by the label in April 2014 in Lekki Lagos and only moved out in October 2015. Despite the
terrible picture painted by Kiss Daniel to the media, the label actually during that period undertook
the payment of all the bills in the said apartment, including waste, power, service charges, feeding,

5. We have also noted the falsehood that at the time of his father’s demise, the label barred
him from attending the burial. Let it be on record that immediately the news of his father’s demise
filtered in, Emperor Geezy, CEO of the label authorized that his own personal car be used to convey
Kiss Daniel to Abeokuta to attend and be a part of his father’s burial and he only requested for a two
days leave to spend time with his family and NGN 200,000 to send across to his family people who
had to put the dad to the ground immediately and needed an urgent burial and he was bitterly
angry and ranting that imagine none of his family members could come up with NGN 10,000 to
support his dad’s burial. The company was open to giving him more money but he said the NGN
200,000 will be okay to take care of everything being the fact that the dad was a Muslim and much is
not expected to be done. The label CEO’s brother even accompanied him on this trip back home, as
well as one of the label’s staff. Interestingly on arriving at a hotel in Abeokuta which had been fully
paid for by the label, he refused to attend his own father’s burial on the grounds that he believed
that his family are fetish and is father death is not ordinary with the way he suddenly fell sick and
died after going through a lot of pain, and he is scared and will not want to be exposed to any
dangers. On the same night of his arrival at the hotel is younger brother was on his way to visit him,
sadly we were informed that the brother just got involved in a car accident. The label took care of his
brother medical bills in full up to NGN 300,000 and even assigned a staff of the company to stay with
him at the hospital for about 8 days to take care of his needs until he was deem fit to be discharged.
Kiss Daniel left Abeokuta the next morning for Lagos without attending the burial insinuating the
accident suffers by his brother was from familiar persons.

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6. In response to the claim that Kiss Daniel was barred from supporting other artistes,
especially those who supported him and the label at the New Era album launch, we would like to put
it on record that at no time has the label barred him from performing at events where friends in the
industry have asked for his support. We understand the importance of collaborative efforts in a
fledging industry such as ours. Kiss Daniel however has made it a habit to turn up at events late or
not at all, always blaming the label for his truancy.

Clear examples include his failing to appear at the
Reekado Banks album listening party at Hard Rock Café and the recent 2Face’s (2Baba) Buckwyld
'n' Breathless Concert on 22 nd of October, 2017 at Eko Hotel,. He did this even when 2Baba had
provided two separate accommodations for him and his manager Louiza Williams at Eko Hotels,
and the label had covered other logistics costs. He stood up 2Baba and manager after claiming he
was on his way from 6pm till 1am the next day. He repeated the same show of shame at the
Chronicles of Ushebebe and Soundcity’s 2016 MVP Awards.

His excuse always being that the label
has restricted him from supporting other talents in the industry. His favorite saying: “You know I’m
signed to a label na, I’m not my own boss yet”. One should wonder why his manager would be at
these venues to liaise with the event organizers before his arrival, if he wasn’t approved by the label
to be at those events mentioned above. His usual play was to ask the manager if money is involved
and once she says “no we are going to support” he will either not take his calls once she’s around his

house for takeoff, or switch off his phones and later complain that he was not feeling too well or had
an urgent meeting at Abeokuta.
Last year, many people wondered how we managed to pull off such a massive concert for
his New Era album launch with no support from any organization. That event which
included the lease of the prestigious Eko Hotels with over 20 superstars was one of the
most expensive projects the company ever embarked upon.

Nevertheless, we understand that artistes grow with their songs and popularity, and may
eventually seek an early exit. That being said, a contract between two parties is a legally
binding arrangement and both parties having deployed resources to perform obligations
thereunder, the contract has to be executed in line with its terms and conditions.
G-Worldwide’s contract with Kiss Daniel simply put, allows for the artiste to exit, but in so
doing, he is duty bound to repay to the company all monies expended by the company in
furtherance of the contract and all losses including losses suffered from cancellation of
fixed events and shows by reason of the termination. The contract is also expressly clear
on the fact that intellectual property rights to all the songs produced under the contract
including the stage name of the artiste are properties of the company. We know that so far,
Kiss Daniel has kept these facts away from the public; choosing to resort to cheap
blackmail and whipping up emotions. We will not take this route as a responsible company
and this is why we are in court.

We have done our best not to harp on the history of his recalcitrance. Nevertheless, we
keep being harassed by different lawyers (his present lawyer is the fourth) with outrageous
demands, but we have retained the opinion that some terms cannot be imposed on us.
Most recently in October, he had demanded, going forward, a 100% of revenues from his
performances and endorsements even while he understands his level of indebtedness to
us and the terms of the contracts. When he was referred to the contract terms, his
response was to serve us a termination notice without even following the stipulations for
termination under the contract. He thereafter announced his personal record label in less
than nine (9) days after the undue notice and has since been soliciting bookings and
infringing on G-Worldwide intellectual property rights by performing songs from the ‘New
Era’ album and the yet to be released ‘Evolution’ album. This is the reason for the
restraining order of status quo issued by the Federal High Court on the 30 th November

Law abiding organizations and business concerns have either contacted us for clarity,
which we have provided through our solicitors, Calmhill Partners. Other well advised
entities have in support of the rule of law and sanctity of contracts, terminated their
engagement with him or removed him from performance schedules. The Nigerian musical
industry we believe will learn and grow from this incidence.

We have put everyone who wishes to contract Kiss Daniel on notice and advise that you
should not allow yourselves be misinformed about the subject matter or be swayed by his
misrepresentations or lack of capacity to perform some of the songs that he has been
contracted to perform. Whilst we look forward to a speedy dispensation of justice in the
matter before the Court, we reiterate our advice that event organizers should consult their
lawyers to avoid being complicit in the offence of acting in contempt of court.
It remains illegal to deal with Kiss Daniel directly instead of G-Worldwide Management
pending the hearing of the suit in Court.

All inquiries about Kiss Daniel should be directed to: or call
Louiza Williams on +234 817 540 3350.
Thank You.
For: G-Worldwide Entertainment


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