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[COMEDY]: laugh like no other

Ebi who was a houseboy usually sneaks into his
Oga’s room, drinks his wine and adds water to top it
up. One day his Oga bought a new wine called
pasties, it was a french wine that changes colour if
water is added onto it. Ebi unaware of this,
sneaks into his Oga’s room, drank the new wine and added water on it. Immediately it started changing
colour. Ebi: I am in trouble, big trouble. He ran to the
kitchen. Meanwhile, Oga and madam were sitted in
the parlour, while Ebi was in the kitchen.

OGA: Ebi

Ebi: Oga 

OGA: who drank my pasties?
No answer! 

OGA: Ebi, who drank my pasties?.
No answer. Oga walked to the kitchen and saw
Ebi there. 

OGA: Are you insane or what?. Why when i call, you
say “Oga” but when i ask you a question you don’t
answer me.

Ebi: Oga when you are in the kitchen you don’t
understand anything, except your name. OGA: Is that
so?. Okay go to the parlour, stand beside madam and ask me a question while i stand here. 

Ebi went and did what oga said. 

Ebi: Ogaaaaaa 

OGA: Yes Ebi 

Ebi: Who goes into the maid’s bedroom when
madam is not at home?. No answer. 

Ebi: Ogaaaaaa!!! You dey hear me, I say who dey
sneak enter the house girl room when madam no
dey house.
No answer. Oga runs out of the kitchen. 

Wonders shall never end. Ebi, it is true o, when one is in the kitchen, one does not hear
anything, except one’s name. 

MADAM: That’s not true. It’s a lie. Ebi: Madam, do you want to be tested? 

MADAM: Yes Ebi

Oya enter the kitchen
She enters. 

Ebi: Madam 

MADAM: Yes Ebi 

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Ebi: Who is Junior’s biological Father? Me or Oga
Madam rushed out of the kitchen MADAM: This
kitchen needs to be fumigated o, I can’t
understand anything at all.


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