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SPONSORED: Why Plasma TV is So Great

It’s no secret that technology does not stand still. Today, there is a rapid development of all electronics. In modern homes and offices already, the old CRT televisions, based on cathode ray tubes are hard to see. They were replaced by flat-panel plasma, effectively different from the old models by its more sleek design and high-quality image.

Plasma TV is composed of two glass plates, in an aperture between which there is a gaseous mixture. Electrical discharges are passed through it and the charged gas forms an image on the screen, “igniting” the elementary pixels. Modern plasma TVs are considered to be the crown of creation and technological progress. This is a technique for gourmets. On such a good TV is very pleasant to watch movies in excellent quality, and play exciting games. By the way, the game on the big screen TV is a special pleasure that real gamers would surely like to experience. Plasma TV will appreciate the natural transmission of motion, sharpness and extremely deep black color.

The main advantages of plasma TVs are:
● Ideal flat bright screen, which has a large selection of proposals on the diagonal size (up to 65 inches).
● High-quality images with a frequency sweep of 600 Hz or more. Plasma realizes great picture that affects the smoothness of motion in dynamic scenes. Genuine transfer of movements is particularly relevant when viewing the militants and sports channels, as well as video games. A typical effect of “smearing” the image is completely absent. Precise details will pleasantly surprise you! Furthermore, in subdued light, in a dark room, for example, the drawn curtains, plasma displays most television picture quality compared to other TV.
● The impressive richness of colors and shades with fathomless black and bright white tones, as well as the absence of flicking.
● Wide viewing angle (vertical). Plasma models allow us to watch movies at any angle, regardless of the viewing place.
● The absence of harmful radiation.
● The relatively low power consumption. However, plasma TV consumes more electricity than LCD or LED TVs.
● The pixels do not burn out after a while that observed in the first plasma models.
● High functionality. Each of the manufacturers has models that are not only able to reproduce images in 3D-format, and even convert them into a film shot in 2D, with the touch of a button.
● The slim design, which boasts the vast majority of today’s plasma TVs. The average plasma TV weighs about 30 kg.

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Among the disadvantages of plasma TVs there is just one – that is the relatively high cost. Nevertheless, even the price is not an obstacle, as there is Jiji – one of the biggest online marketplaces in Nigeria offering products for the best plasma tv prices in Nigeria! If you want to purchase such spectacular screen and enjoy TV watching with the whole family – use Jiji! Here is a variety of different models and manufacturers – the only thing you need – is to take you cell phone right away and call the seller!



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