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[GIST]: Suspect Jumps Off A Court Building To Avoid Trial

Tomiwa Bolaji 22-years old, did the unthinkable and jumped off a court building to avoid trial.

Tomiwa and the security gaurds
The victim was caught stealing his neighbors generator that cost N25,000, and was arrested by the police, Tomiwa confessed at the station that he stole the generator in order to raise money. He was later set for a court trial but on the day of the trail, Tomiwa decided to escape, he jumped off the court story building escaping through the adjoining street close to the court premises but the court registrar, security guard and police officers pursued him and later caught him and took him back to the court house. 
Tomiwa pleaded guilty when he was arraigned, the prosecutor, Ishaka Babaji, urged the court to give a short date to enable him present facts and sentence.
The court house
Tomiwa is been held presently at kirikiri prison until Dec.14. The next hearing of his case.


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