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Tired Of Getting Caught Lying? Do Something About It Now.

I know this post is long overdue, but still, keeping to my promises here are ways to tell a lie and get away with it. that awful feeling you get just after being caught, what to do?. Now maybe you just wanted to keep something to  yourself and not share the details but situations put you in a very uncomfortable position were you would need to share which prompts you to lie and maybe getting caught as a result.  Hold up..now this post is not for you if you feel you are not up for it, but if you are tired of getting caught for lying not necessarily because you did something wrong, maybe you were even trying to protect the person in question, but things get out of hand and you are right back were you started..(oops). but i have good news for you, i highly recommend you practice this steps i am about to show you.and have in mind that everyone is different so you also have to know your partner well enough to try this.

1. Make the decision to lie: a shaky liar often struggles with nerves while lying this usually happens when you are faced with the decision to liar or not. To lie effectively you would need to reach a place of internal determination where the lie is adequately fortified in your mind.
2. Always consider the probability of getting caught: Before going ahead to lie you should ask yourself;

what are the chance are of getting caught?

-have you lied to this particular person before ? And he/she knows you to well to tell when your lying?  

-the lie you are about to tell does the alternative truth include people who knows you and your partner?

-would your partner easily forgive you if   you’re caught?

-consider the worthiness of lying about  the matter.

3. Get your revision of events straight: if you’ve made a decision to liar then you need to come up an alternative to the facts. 

Think of an event,place, person,some specific true thing that your lie would fit into and then use it.

Envision the lie in your imagination create it like it actually happened, this would make it easy to remember when your asked.

Try to figure out the possible questions to be asked so you can get answer for the question sorted out and always keep it simple.

4. Don’t do what ordinary liars do. Ordinary liars in their act of the telling lies always make the mistake of doing things extremely. They avoid eye contact as much as possible or they never break eye contact at all. your eyes should come in contact with the person for just a while and then away in a normal conversation. 
Try to stay calm and appear ernest, don’t stare remain calm and relaxed like your actually telling the truth, keep your hands under control and keep your smiling to a normal minimum.

5. Lie before your asked: Bring up the lie first before you are question about it later. It’s better to lie in advance than to have another person question you later on the matter.


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