Toke Makinwa Teaches Women How to Keep a Man -

Toke Makinwa Teaches Women How to Keep a Man

Toke Makinwa has taken to her platform to teach women how to keep a man, and she thinks hairnets are a huge put-off.

According to the OAP, many men don’t like that nets are worn to keep hair contained. She thinks they smell after a while and that it is not sexy to have one on during the day.

“That’s one thing that I totally hate: I cannot stand hairnets. I hate it with a passion. I personally believe that it is torture for any man out there to have to see you walking around with hairnets,” Toke Makinwa said.

She continued. “You know you wear it, and you wear it for a while and it starts to smell. There are some really nice silk scarves that you wear. I don’t think the guys sexy. I can’t speak for all guys. Maybe some guys don’t mind them. I personally think that hairnets should be burned.”

Watch the video:

The vlog has stirred quite a huge number of reactions from folks. But it is apparent that many people still blame her for Maje Ayida’s infidelity and for that reason, have refused to take her teachings seriously, no matter how interesting, all because of a man’s decision to cheat on his wife.

Only recently, she declared herself her WCW, noted the reasons why she is celebrating herself and playfully added that she is the kind of women who fights another female over her man.

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And people of the world refused to let her drink water and drop cup.

Now, Makinwa is talking hairnets, sexy living and what men probably like and trolls are on her case again, take for example this acerbic reply from a woman.


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